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Select the knife to be sharpened using the icons. Use the sliders to define knife size and the number of knives to be sharpened. A multiple selection is possible.

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What kind of knives do you want to sharpen?

Kuttermesser schleifenKuttermesser schleifen

Cutter knives

Kreismesser schleifenKreismesser schleifen

Circular knives

Sichelmesser schleifenSichelmesser schleifen

Sickle-shaped knives

Wolfscheiben und -messer schleifenWolfscheiben und -messer schleifen

Mincer plates and knives

Handmesser schleifenHandmesser schleifen

Hand knives

How large are the cutting tools to be ground and how many are ground per week?

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