We are near you

To be as close as possible to our customers, KNECHT maintains their own subsidiaries in France, Austria, Russia and the USA. This enables us to maintain a close dialogue with the users of our products. The requirements and wishes of our customers, from machine operators to management, are very important to us. Because they help us to optimize existing products. And often lead to completely new product innovations and application solutions.

Headquarters Germany

The South in Germany is known for its tinkerers and inventors. The people are curious and down-to-earth, just real "creators". The headquarters of KNECHT is in the Upper Swabian village of Bergatreute. This is where KNECHT products are developed and produced. And from here it goes out into the whole world.

KNECHT Maschinenbau GmbH

Witschwender Straße 26
88368 Bergatreute



Location in France

KNECHT France S.A.R.L.

309 Boulevard des Technologies
54710 LUDRES

 +33-383 325 208
 +33-383 374 125


Location in Austria

FLEMA Fleischereimaschinen GmbH

Holzriedstraße 29
6960 Wolfurt

  +43-5574 82270-0


Location in Russia


Kosmonawtow prosp., d. 47/16, o. 640
141080 Koroljow, Moscow Oblast

  +7 (495) 542-83-99


Location in the USA

KNECHT North America Inc.

2612 Larch Lane, Unit 105
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

  +1 (843) 881-5674
  +1 (843) 881-5674