Sharpening machines for hand knives

Manual hand knife sharpening machines are part of the basic equipment of every food manufacturer. KNECHT grinding machines are water-cooled. The grinding abrasion is bound and does not enter the operator’s respiratory tract.

Fully automatic hand knife sharpening machines from KNECHT work with robot technology. This ensures that knives are sharpened precisely and in the correct shape throughout their entire service life. Perfectly ground hand knives enable for more accurate cuts.

Knives ground with E 50 robot technology increase the meat yield by up to 0.5% compared to manual grinding. At 10 000 tons meat production this means a 50 000 kilograms higher rate of yield. Precisely sharpened hand knives reduce the risk of accidents, and reduce absences from work due to inflammation in the arm and shoulder (up to 80% fewer cases of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD); source: Anago Ltd.)