Sharpening machines for cutter knives

Sharpness, cutting angle, shape and profile of a cutter knife have a great influence on the quality of the products fabricated.

High cutting speeds of up to 180 m per second (corresponding to 650 km per hour) and side pressures place great mechanical stress on the cutter knives. Thus, the polished edge of a cutter knife has a direct impact on its break resistance.

The manual grinding machines are universally applicable for all common cutter knives, as well as circular knives, hand knives and other cutting tools. During grinding, the cutting tools are clamped in attachments at all times and are therefore guided safely and precisely. The result is a long service life of the cutting edges. 

The automatic sharpening machines ensures exact and precisely angled edges as well as the preservation of the cutting profile and the original blade shape. And this over the entire operating life of the cutter knives. The grinding processes and, depending on the machine type, the deburring and polishing processes are carried out unmanned. This means consistently maximum quality of the cutter knives.