Sharpening Machine for Circular Knives KLA 220 - HV 153 II

The KLA 220 - HV 153 II is suitable for sharpening flat and saucer-shaped circular knives with ­diameters from 60 mm (2.36 in) up to 475 mm (18.7 in) with one-sided and double-sided cutting edges.

The circular knives are driven electrically. Thus, they remain absolutely round. The maximum width of the cutting edge is 6 mm (0.24 in). The material removal on the knife is extremely low.

Lowest material removal

Simplest handling

Precise cutting edges

Circular knives Ø 60–475 mm

A finely adjustable stop system ensures, that only as much as material is removed as absolutely necessary.

The grinding wheels move through a water quench. This ­prevent the cutting tools from overheating during the sharpening process.

A work light ensures very good illumination of the working area.

The grinding wheels of the right grinding unit are infinitely variable in speed (optional). One-sided cutting edges on the circular knife can thus be produced in the simplest way.

The advantages at a glance



To change the knife, the retaining arm is turned horizontally. All drives are locked during the knife change.

Circular knife holding fixtures

Circular knife holding fixtures

Three holding fixtures are available to cover the circular blade sizes from 60–475 mm. This ensures short knife changing times and maximum work safety during grinding.

Cutting angle

Cutting angle

The cutting angle can be set continuously variable. The adjusted value is displayed on a clear scale.

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