The new hand knife sharpening machine EVO 5 – premium sharpness and maximum user-friendliness

The EVO 5 is a new development with the main focus on hand knives. It produces precise and super sharp grindings. The machine is extremely easy to operate. The knife guides ensure that the hand knives are always ground with the correct cutting edge angle. Integrated magnets support the guiding of the knife and make the sharpening process highly simple.

The grinding angle is infinitely adjustable. Thus, the optimum cutting edge angle is available for every application.

The polishing disk produces fine, polished surfaces and a burr-free, very smooth cutting edge. The precisely set peripheral speed and the optimally balanced polishing disk resistance compensate for handling errors.

Health protection is a high priority for the EVO 5. The integrated coolant device binds the grinding abrasion and prevents it from escaping into the environment. This protects the operator's breathing passages. A dirt-resistant membrane pump conveys the cooling water to the grinding unit. The cutting edges cannot be overheated during grinding. The grinding abrasion collects in the water tray. A magnetic bar separates the dirty area from the clean area. This prevents the grinding abrasion from re-entering the coolant circuit.

In addition to water cooling, the EVO 5 offers optional polishing dust extraction. A standard industrial vacuum cleaner can be connected to the machine's suction socket. The operator's breathing passages are thus protected as effectively as possible.

Hand Knife Sharpening Machine EVO 5
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