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W 40

Successor of W 400:

Fully Automatic Surface Grinding Machine W 40

The surface grinding W 40 sharpens mincer plates and knives as well as cutting sets of emulsifiers with a diameter of up to 400 mm. Plane-parallelity two hundredths of a millimeter

  • Quiet running and high-precision cutting results thanks to a directly driven grinding disc.
  • Maintenance friendly: Automatic central lubrication system supplies lubricant to all the guides and spindles.
  • High chip removal performance due to powerful drive motor and heavy double-T clamping bar support to achieve plane surfaces even in case of highly worn workpieces.
  • Two computer-driven rotary table speeds.
  • Two chip removal options: magnetically with best cooling in case of heavy chipping or via centring pieces for high precision in case of thin and sensitive workpieces.
  • User-friendly touchscreen control with three grinding modes: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. 
  • Any number of grinding programmes can be created.
  • Encapsulated surface grinding machine with integrated suction unit for highest safety at work.
  • Optimal overheat control through integrated band filter cooling device (140 litre).

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