• Schleifmaschinen für Wolfscheiben und -messer
for mincer plates and knives

Grinding machines for mincer plates and knives

Maintaining sharp blades and an even plate surface on mincing machines and meat cutters enhances quality of the cut and operational safety. Precisely ground mincer plates and knives minimize the pressure on raw material and reduce friction. The result is a cleaner cut and preservation of the meat fiber and structure.

KNECHT high precision machines for mincer plates and knives generate exact plane-parallel grindings and high surface quality. The amount of abrassive material is adjusted according to the component, enabeling high grinding capacity. Rapid feed as well as precise fine feed of the grinding wheel is guaranteed.

Surface grinding machine W 200 II

Surface Grinding Machine W 200 II

The W 200 II sharpens mincer plates and knives, cutting sets of inline grinders, as well as cutting sets of emulsifiers with a diameter up to 200 mm. more...

Planschleifmaschine W 300

Surface Grinding Machine W 300

Convenient, heavy surface grinding machine for workpieces up to 300 mm diameter. more...

Kreuzmesserschleifmaschine KRK 100

Grinding Machine for Mincer Knives KRK 100

Grinding machine for relief-grinding of mincing knives up to 400 mm diameter. more...

W 40

Automatic Surface Grinding Machine W 40

The automatic surface grinding machine W 40 sharpens mincer plates and knives as well as cutting sets of emulsifiers with a diameter of up to 400 mm. more...

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