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E 50

Fully Automatic Hand Knife Sharpening Machine E 50

The E 50 fully automatically sharpens hand knives of diverse shapes and sizes. The 4-axis operated gripping arm extracts a knife out of the magazine – the exact individual knife shape is detected – the knife is accurately sharpened, deburred and polished – the gripping arm returns the finished knife to the magazine.

  • The E 50 measures each hand knife individually and calculates the optimum sharpening path for the knife in a split second.
  • The original knife shape is retained through every resharpening process.
  • The E 50 sharpens up to 400 knives per 8-hour shift, at 1-2 hours personnel deployment.
  • A fully automatic sharpness test (optional) guarantees an extremely high knife quality at any time.
  • The series suction unit significantly reduces all emissions. The machine therefore achieves a high degree of operational safety and is very easy to clean.
  • The knife magazine with a capacity of 48 hand knives can be loaded outside the machine during the operating process.

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