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Fully Automatic Hand Knife Sharpening Machine E 50 R

The E 50 R fully automatically sharpens hand knives of various shapes and sizes.

Perfectly ground hand knives enable more accurate cuts. Hand knives, ground with the E 50 R robotic technology increase the meat yield by up to 0.5 % compared to ­manual grinding. The output is up to 650 hand knives per 8 hour shift at 1 – 2 hours personnel ­deployment.

  • Six-axis robot
    The central organ of the sharpening machine is the six-axis robot. It grabs the knife handle move the knives through the different processing positions and guides them through the sharpening stages, according to its exact shape. The repeat accuracy amounts to 0.03 mm. The robot is completely sealed (IP65) and designed for operating under aggressive work environment conditions.
  • Individual measurement
    Before the sharpening program starts, each individual knife is scanned at the measuring station. The detected knife shape is then converted into CNC data. The robot steers the knife, according to this data, through the ­complete sharpening process. Thus, the original knife shape is retained through every re-sharpening process.
  • 650 Hand knives per 8-hour shift
    The E 50 R has a performance of up to 650 hand knives per 8-hour shift, depending on the shape and size of the knives. The necessary personnel deployment thereby amounts to 1 – 2 hours.
  • Knife magazine
    The magazine consists of two boxes and has space for 60 knives. It can be loaded outside the machine during the operating process. Since each knife is individually detected before the sharpening process begins, the magazine can be loaded with knives of various shapes and sizes.
  • Sharpness testing device (optional)
    After the knife has been polished, the E 50 R tests its sharpness fully automatically. The knife penetrates a test medium in the process. The measured sharpness is shown on the display. If the sharpness falls below the minimal value set, the knife is displayed as ‘not sharp’. If the set sharpness is also not achieved with the next knife, the grinding machine shuts down. The reason for the shutdown is displayed.
  • Health-supporting technology
    The serial suction unit and the water cooling considerably reduce all emissions ­arising from sharpening and polishing. This protects the operator’s respiratory ­system. The machine room remains nearly clean. This increases the operational safety of the mechanical components. The filtered out grinding and polishing ­abrasion ­collects in a tray of the suction unit. There, it can be easily disposed of in an ­environmentally-friendly way.

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