• USK 170
USK 170

Wet grinding and honing machine USK 170

The wet grinding and honing machine USK 170 can be used for grinding numerous different types of knives. Cutter knives, hand knives and splitting knives obtain an extremely fine surface when grinded on the wet grinding line.

  • Molded rubber contact plate generates the perfect grinding resistance
  • The cup wheel rapidly abrases a considerable amount of material, making them ideal for easy repair of badly damaged cutting tools. Chamfered grindings, e.g. for circular knives, are applied to the cup grinding wheel
  • Polishing and deburring of the cutting edge are generated on a finned brush, providing long-lasting sharpness
  • Clamping devices for machine knives enable precise angular grinding. Effort is reduced, allowing for fatigue-free work
  • The machine is suitable for grinding cutter knives up to a cutter size of 120 l

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