• USK 160 S
  • USK 160 S
  • USK 160 S
USK 160 S

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S

The USK 160 S is a universal knife grinding machine for butcher shops, slaughterhouses, carving firms, grinding services, etc. The rugged machine is designed for the use in wet rooms.

  • Water-cooled grinding belt protects the knives against dangerous overheating
  • Cutting edges of various knives can be ground free-hand
  • Clamping device available as an accessory for cutter knives
  • Finned grinding wheel with fine granulation ideal for fine-machining of the cutting edges
  • Flexible fins lying against the knife, compensating for incorrect holding positions
  • Finned grinding wheel can be exchanged for a serrated edge grinding wheel for the grinding of cutlery knives
  • Wet grinding wheel rinsed with water for the deburring and polishing of knives. The water film binds the debris, thus preventing metal dust from being given off into the environment

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