• S 200
  • S 200
S 200

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine S 200

The S 200 is a universal grinding machine for all conventional cutter knives as well 
as circular knives, hand knives and other cutting tools.

Thanks to the patented function disk, the machine is converted in seconds from ­sharpening sickle shaped cutter knives to linear shaped cutter knives.

When changing the knife, a locking mechanism prevents the knife from slewing out ­unintentionally. It can be changed absolute safe. 

  • Clamping attachments
    Cutter knives and circular knives are clamped at all times in attachments during grinding and are therefore guided safely and precisely. The result is a long service life of the cutting edges. For the operators, this means a high degree of safety with minimum effort.
  • Wet-grinding belt
    The wet-grinding belt ensures a very fine cutting tool surface. The profiled rubber contact wheel applies the exact amount of grinding resistance to the knife.
  • Grinding belt replacement
    When the belt protection cover is opened, the drives are stopped. The tension on the grinding belt is relieved and it can be replaced.
  • Cup grinding wheel
    The cup grinding wheel removes a lot of material very quickly. It is used to easily repair badly damaged ­cutting tools. Chamfered edges, e.g. on circular knives, are ground on the cup grinding wheel. The required ­grinding angle is continuously adjustable.
  • Finned brush
    Deburring and polishing of the knives is carried out on the finned brush. The precisely adjusted peripheral speed and the ideally coordinated brush resistance compensate handling errors.
  • Coolant unit
    A coolant pump supplies the individual grinding ­stations with water. The cutting edges cannot overheat when grinding.
  • Various usable grinding stations
    Circular knives with diameters from 150 – 480 mm are sharpened and deburred on the ­optionally available circular knife grinding unit.

    Hand knives are sharpened manually on the wet-grinding belt and deburred and polished on the finned brush.

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