• B 600
B 600

Automatic Sharpening and Polishing Machine B 600

The B 600 automatically grinds, polishes and deburrs up to 80 cutter knives (500 l) per shift.

  • Knife magazine accomodates up to 16 knives
  • Knife changer moves automatically into grinding position
  • Grinding programs and updates are installed online, putting an end to logistic restrictions
  • A complete set of knives is processed automatically, enabeling multi-tasking
  • With each regrinding, the complete cutting profile is processed and the top surface of the knife is polished
  • The machine removes approximately 1.5 g of material per grinding process. A 500 l cutter knife can be reground up to 100 times.
  • computer-operated up to 5-axis

Knife types: Flat machine knives, both sickle-shaped or straight-edged, with a maximum size of 600 x 400 mm and a maximum weight of 5 kg.

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