• A 950 II
  • A 950 II
A 950 III

Grinding Machine for Sickle-shaped and Circular Knives A 950 III

Perfect cuts, perfect surfaces, and precisely placed products. The A 950 III creates precisely ground slicer knives that meet these requirements. It grinds sickle-shaped knives of all brands up to 900 mm (35.4 in) and circular knifes up to diameter 700 mm (27.5 in).

  • The A 950 III operates with powered grinding tools. As a result, the slicer knives are ground with precisely defined edges.
  • The grinding pressure can be exactly regulated. The material removal on the knife is minimal.
  • The slicer knives are driven by a servo drive on the outer contour. The blade retains the exact same shape over its entire service life.
  • The grinding angle is set between -5° and 35° and is infinitely variable.
  • The A 950 III is easy to operate via touch panel. For each slicer knife an individual grinding program is created and saved.

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