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Power clamping nuts

Power clamping nuts

The special feature of HSM and MCF power clamping nuts: they compensate for linear expansion of the clamping system, induced by temperature changes, e.g. in the case of cutter knives. Distortion of clamping elements due to excessive clamping force is excluded. This increases the break resistance of the cutter knife. Regardless of the operating state, the knives are always clamped with the same clamping force.

Moreover, there is no friction, therefore no wear, between the clamping nut and the last ring of the clamping system.

Hydromechanical clamping nut HSM 100

Clamping of cutter knives with up to 90 kN (9 tonnes) is quick and as easy as child’s play with the hydromechanical clamping nut. The exact clamping force is always built up with a hydraulic pump. Once the knife is clamped, the oil flow back into the pump. The clamping nut is oil-free during the cutting process. Clamping nut and hydraulic pump are nearly maintenance-free.

Mechanical spring tension nut MCF 100

The spring tension nut is operated with a light torque wrench with a fixed setting. Heavy wrenches and time-consuming clamping of knives are history now. The clamping force is up to 80 kN (8 tonnes).

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