KNECHT North America 10 years within the KNECHT Group

KNECHT North America Inc. has been part of the KNECHT Group for 10 years. Congratulations on your anniversary.

It was a beautiful late summer day in Sarasota FL. Denise Dannecker and Manfred Knecht bought a second-hand VW Jetta. This was KNECHT North America's first major investment. It was with this vehicle that the journey to the company's location in Charleston, SC began. Since then considerable developments have taken place.

Markus and Manfred Knecht compare the development of KNECHT North America with a dog sled team:

  • The desire to discover new things
  • On the road as a team
  • Engaging with the circumstances
  • Not only survive, but reach the goal
  • Use the available resources as efficiently as possible
  • Acting with foresight
  • On the road with lightweight luggage

These guiding principles form the "DNA" of KNECHT North America. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Denise and Thomas Dannecker. You have built up a fine company with a lot of passion and heart blood, which is very close to the customers.

The greatest thanks go to you, dear customers and business partners.

KNECHT North America and the families Dannecker and Knecht say thank you very much for your trust and your many years of loyalty!

KNECHT North America 10 years anniversary
KNECHT North America 10 years anniversary