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The new automatic grinding and polishing machine B 600

The new B 600 has four computer-operated axes. The grinding belt feed and axis adjustment are now driven by a servo motor. Due to this innovation, cutter knives can now be ground to a higher level of precision than before.

KNECHT provides individual grinding programs for the knives to be ground. They are installed online via internet and are stored in a memory on the machine. The operator can call them in the easiest possible way. Thus, a changeover of the grinding machine from one knife type to another can be effected within seconds.

The operator determines the most important functions, e.g. the number of grinding and polishing cycles and the convexity of the cutter knives, directly on the machine via the touch panel.

In this way, the new B 600 makes an important contribution to quality optimization and assurance in the cutter process.

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