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NEW: Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine USK 160 S now with Hand Knife Grinding Attachment HV 150

Established since many years, the Wet-Sharpening Machine is now available in a new version especially for sharpening hand knives.

The knife guides ensure, that the hand knives are sharpened with the correct cutting edge angle at all times. Additional integrated magnets support the guidance of the knife and make the grinding process highly simple.

The long-life CBN grinding wheels are water cooled. That prevents overheating of the knives. The grinding removal is bonded in the water and doesn't end up in the environment.

The water cooled grinding belt makes the USK 160 S universal. A variety of cutting tools can be reground and reconditioned here.

The USK 160 S together with the HV 150 is a solid and all-purpose knife sharpener for butchers shops, slaughter houses and meat packing plants.

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