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A 95

Grinding Machine for Sickle-shaped and Circular Knives A 95

Perfect cuts, perfect surfaces and precisely placed products. The A 95 creates precisely ground slicer knives that meet these requirements. It grinds sickle-shaped knives and circular knives of all brands up to 1200 mm (47.2 in). The machine is simple and easy to operate via touch panel. It provides highest ­grinding precision and best repeat accuracy.

The A 95 is optimally qualified for initial-serration and re-serration of slicer knives. Once the knives are serrated first-time on the A 95, the machine will always be able to pick up the correct starting point in the existing serration. A wide variety of different tooth shapes (e.g. pointed, hollow or wavelike) are saved in the memory and can easily be recalled.

Moreover, the A 95 sharpens knives with smooth cutting edges without ­conversion. The conversion from a sickle-shaped knife to a circular knife is a matter of shortest time: mount cam and knife, select grinding program, start the machine. All cutting tools can be ground single- and double beveled. 

  • Laser measuring unit
    Before serrating, a 2 D laser detects the slicer knife and corrects even the smallest differences in flatness and ­outer contour. Thus, the cutting tools receive a ­consistent ­grinding pattern along the complete cutting contour.
  • Grinding and deburring
    Up to eight servomotor driven axis create precise cutting edges with maximum repeat accuracy. The cutting tools retain the exact same shape over their entire service life. The exactly adjustable grinding pressure is applied pneumatically. The material removal on the slicer knives is minimal. After serrating the knives are fully automatically deburred and polished.
  • Angle adjustment
    The grinding angle is set by servo-drives between − 5° and 35° and is infinitely variable. The repeat ­accuracy is 0.1 degrees. Calling up the required ­grinding program, the A 95 automatically sets itself to the saved angles.
  • Overheating protection
    A coolant unit with a capacity of 120 l efficiently ­prevents the cutting tools from overheating during the grinding process.
  • Operation
    The A 95 is simple and easy to operate via touch panel. An individual grinding program, consisting of number of grinding cycles and the chosen cutting angle, is created and saved for each slicer knife. When the program is selected, the machine will automatically set itself to these values. The necessary grinding wheels are shown on the display. The number of grinding programs is unlimited.

    Cutting tools, ground on the A 95 support production reliability as well as quality assurance. Thus, the scrap rate of the sliced product is minimal.

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